Tuesday, January 21, 2014


The Emerald Seer Series is now a BOX SET!  That's right, the entire series (four full length novels and a novella) is now available on Amazon here and coming soon to Smashwords and pretty much everywhere else ebooks are sold!  

And, as a special promotion the Storm Sullivan Saga is just 99 cents!!!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Now on Instagram!!

I've taken to Instagram now!  After using it in my personal life and for my daytime gig I've come to realize that it is a TON of fun so Violet Patterson now has an Instagram account!!  SO, that said, check me out here:


I am working on Vine and I have to suggest the Instacollage app (free for iPhone).  It is FANTASTICALLY fun!!

Also, I would suggest using hashtags on your pics if you aren't already!!  Have fun with Instagram!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Back from Vacay, ready for a New Year

After an unbelievably relaxing holiday with my family, I'm back.  I'm back with a vengeance I have not felt since leaving Seattle behind.  I still miss the city every day, the sadness in the rain and the beauty of the rare glimpse of Mt. Rainier on my way to work.  I miss the solitude of a city full of people on every street and the way I could walk Pike Place Market tracing my fingers over flower petals and select the freshest produce for my dinner.  I miss the smell and the feeling of being home that I have only felt one other place on this earth.  As I write this I am struck with the pain of longing for Seattle that will never leave me.  But that does not matter because I will go back and it will still be there.  I will be different but I know that it will still be home.

That is not what this post is about, that is but a stepping stone to my main idea.  I am back.  With a vengeance.  I slipped away again, just for a bit, because let's face it, sometimes life kicks you so hard it takes a little longer to get back up.  But I am.  I'm ready.  I'm ready to write again.  And for the first time in a long time I see a way back to the words that would not come for so long.  I found ways to replicate the sadness I once found in the rain of downtown Seattle.  I found ways to awaken that piece of me that connected to Seattle and drove the writer inside me.  I didn't think it was possible to find that here, in the midst of some of the flattest most boring landscapes I've ever seen.  Some people find beauty in the rolling lands of the Midwest but I am not one of them.  Give me mountains, give me ocean but give me something that screams power.  Since I cannot have either, I found ways to make my own, to invoke those same feelings without the perfect muses.  It just took a really, really, REALLY long time and more effort than I ever imagined.  But I did it.  I uncorked my inner writer once more and I hope that what comes out of her from here on out is back up to standard.  Not that I'm disappointed in my Emerald Seer Series, or the Immortal Machinations series for that matter, I'm perfectly happy with both and I have learned so much from them and from the amazing people I have met because of them.  I lost my way though and things that should have happened just didn't.  I can fix that.  I can't change the time frame but I can make it right.  I am working on the box set for the Emerald Seer Series with some added content and some alterations.  It will take a bit of time but I want to do right by Storm.

Immortal Machinations?  Well, I think it will be fantastic when it is finished.  It's more than Steampunk, it's so much more that it's become a trilogy full of non-sparkly Vampires and Sirens and Immortals.  It considers morality and how far science should go, how much of scientific advancement should be controlled and by whom, it considers - well, I won't say  more.  As River Song says, "spoilers."

Happy New Year to one and all, I hope it brings magic and a satisfying end to The Hobbit trilogy!