Saturday, November 10, 2012

NaNoWriMo occupying my time!

I love November - NaNovember if I may, but I neglect my blogs this month.  It's been a long, rough week on a personal level but I have been trudging through and writing in all my spare time.  I am doing a novel and working a few short stories so all in all it is A LOT of writing and it feels good.  Writing has always been a coping mechanism for me.  Journals, poems in columns of my notebooks for school, play on words or interesting sentences on post it notes at work - the list goes on.  In fact, sometimes it was a list, a simple list on whatever scrap of paper (receipts on occasion!) I could drum up.  I think that's why I like NaNoWriMo so much.  It pushes me to go further, write more, work faster and just get the words out of my head and onto paper.  It feels good to take a break then.  Last year it took me a bit to recover from so much writing but I edited with a fervor I have not seen since.  Anyway, I just wanted to put it out there that my terrible blog neglect has been for a very good cause.  I am trucking away on END OF THE NIGHT and still have every intention of releasing it for the holidays. 

Please forgive the blog neglect, my novel is coming along beautifully though.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

End of the Night sneak peek!

Okay, I am excited.  I can't help it.  NaNoWriMo brings out so much in me and I am really thrilled to finish up the Emerald Seer Series.  End of the Night is shaping up well and I feel the need to share a little piece of it.

Excerpt from End of the Night:


Beep, Beep, Beep.
Storm groaned and rolled over, right into PacMan’s back.  “PacMan, you bad boy.”  She halfheartedly mumbled the reprimand and attempted to push his body to no avail.  “Fine.  Be that way.”  Slapping the snooze button to silence the alarm, Storm draped an arm over her dog and snuggled into the short soft fur, relishing the gentle rise and fall of his chest. 
Beep, Beep, Beep.
PacMan snorted and licked Storm’s face.  “Alright,alright, I’m getting up.  I don’t know why you’re so put out, you get to lay around in bed all day.”  Pushing off the bed, Storm reached down and flipped the alarm to off before breaking into a yawning stretch that was highlighted with a serious of soft cracks and pops as her spine realigned.   For a second, Storm swore she heard a baby crying.  She laughed to herself and shrugged.  Must be the neighbors.  The apartment walls were paper thin after all.