Monday, January 30, 2012

*SPOILER* Sample from End of the Night

Please keep in mind this a ROUGH but it is a sample nonetheless....enjoy!

Damarra- before recorded time

“You are Immortal, are you not?”  Eyeing the half-naked male she felt a strange fluttering in her gut.  She never felt such a peculiar thing before yet each time the male moved and his muscles contracted that feeling flared again. 

“That I am, m’lady.  And who would be asking?”  The male had a rumbling voice with interesting inflection.  His eyes were oddly familiar and warm.  She found it disconcerting, almost as much as the fluttering sensation but not quite.  Damarra flitted around him, hoping to size the male up from every angle.  He simply stood there with the odd tool leaned casually over one shoulder and a bemused expression on his face.  What in fates could the Tuatha De intend for her in this male?  Still, it was foretold by them.  She could not go against their wishes. 

Damarra drew herself up, thrust her shoulders back and looked into the male’s eyes.  “I am Damarra, Goddess of the Celts, Priestess of the Tuatha De Danaan.  You are Roane, Immortal of the brethren.  I do not dislike what I see of you, male.  I am to take you as my mate, it has been seen by the Tuatha De.  What say you?”

The male’s face changed, many expressions flashing across it.  Damarra did not understand most of them.  Her impatience grew with each moment of silence.  How dare a male refuse her?  She, Goddess of Fertility, beloved of her race.  “Immortal, I do not take kindly to your insolence.  What say you?”

“M’lady, I mean no offense, truly you are the most lovely creature I have ever laid eyes upon.  I took you for a false vision, then a cruel joke, even a trick of my brethren.  Are you real?”  The male dropped his axe and reached out to touch her, innocently up on the arm.  Dirt from his hands transferred to her pale skin and sent a shock through her entire physical form.  Damarra withdrew her arm and stepped backward.  She did not miss the way his eyes flared silver at the touch.  He recovered quickly though, “Again, apologies, m’lady, I did not mean to soil you.” 

“I must go.”  Suddenly she felt the forest closing in around her, a strange choking sensation.  It was not pleasant.  Damarra disapparated in an explosion of water droplets.  She looked back once to see the Immortal glistening in the remnants of her departure.  The unusual flutter ripped through her once again at the sight.  How very peculiar.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Interview with Storm Sullivan *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

Storm Sullivan has agreed to be interviewed just this once if I promise not to give away any of her secrets from End of the Night.  So, without further ado...

Me: Storm, things happened pretty quickly for you after your aunt's death.

Storm: Yea, I guess life is funny that way.  I can't complain, my life is complicated but I have found some amazingly loyal friends.  So what if they keep me on my toes and we seem to continually fall into massive trouble?  Life is more interesting this way and I appreciate not having to run anymore.

Me:  You traveled a lot prior to this, correct?  What was your favorite place to live?
Storm: That's a loaded question.  I saw a lot of amazing things when I was on the run but none of them ever felt like home.  I never found that place where I knew I belonged.  I guess that's because I was always alone and looking over my shoulder.  I hope to revisit travel again when things settle down. 

Me: Fair enough.  Let's talk about your full house.  You seem to have a lot of guests moving in and out.  How do you feel about the influx of guests and how many bedrooms do you have?

Storm: I like being surrounded by people, especially these people who allow me to be myself.  As for the house, there are six bedrooms upstairs, plus my studio.  Downstairs there is a guest suite as well.  I suppose I could convert my studio back to a room if need be but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. 

Me: Speaking of your studio, what are you painting these days?

Storm: I haven't been painting as much as I'd like but lately I have been focused on portraits, my mother, Aunt Trin, all of my houseguests.  Sophia's is quite lovely but Lucian has hidden it.  Apparently he finds it too provocative to have around other men, namely the Scots I would guess.  I have been practicing Damarra's eyes, but they are difficult to capture.  I think she will be tickled with it but I am a bit wary of having her in my studio.  You know how she is in the kitchen, can you imagine her in my studio?  *Storm chuckles*

Me: Yes, I see your point.  How is the nursery coming along?

Storm: Ah, the nursery.   Well, thanks to the Scots, the furniture is all put together.  Angeline continues to change the color scheme, it has become her obsession.  Honestly, that woman is an amazing decorator but I wish she would just let it go.  I have liked everything she's done but she is trying to make Ryder fall in love with it.  I doubt that will happen since he is worried about everything except for the nursery these days. 

Me: I see.  How is that working for you?  I mean, you seem pretty relaxed by comparison.

Storm: I suppose I am.  Lately, I have been working with Aunt Trin and Sophia on a lot of relaxation and meditation.  It has helped me focus my energies and control my powers.  If nothing else, this has taught me to appreciate what I have and work harder to protect it.  I am not some weakling and I refuse to roll over and take it.  I am just not made that way.  I got away from that for a long while but I have no intention of walking that road again - ever.  I love my life and I am going to fight to keep it and I am learning more and more every step of the way - wait, I am not giving away anything from End of the Night.  Tricksy, Ms. Patterson, very tricksy.   

Me: I had no intention of exposing any of End of the Night.  Just one more quick question and then I will let you get back to it. 

Storm: Alright?

Me: Thought of names for the babies yet?

Storm: Ah, now see, that would be a secret from End of the Night.  I will tell you they will be fresh names, not used elsewhere in the series. 

Me: Very well.  Thank you, Storm, I appreciate your time.

Storm: It was fun, thanks for agreeing to the phone interview.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Ryder on the Storm is officially available in paperback on!!  YAY!!  Just $7.99 for those of you who prefer paperback!!

Monday, January 23, 2012


It is finally available in paperback!  After a few minor setbacks it is up and running in my createspace estore - - and will be available through in the next 5-7 business days!!  Hope you all enjoy!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guess who has a face?? STORM SULLIVAN

So, my most excellent and talented friend, Dave Holtz, is still working the details to make this a full-on amazing cover, but I am giving you all a teaser :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Light My Fire - Emerald Seer II free Jan 8th and 9th on Amazon!

In honor of the FABULOUS HOUSTON TEXANS making their first play off appearance, I am offering Light My Fire (Emerald Seer 2) as a freebie ebook on Amazon this weekend.  Please enjoy!!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Almost have a real cover

My very talented friend is nearly done with the REAL cover for Ryder on the Storm.  I have seen pieces as he completes them and look very forward to the whole schpeel!  Once I have the cover I can press the paperback and that excites me even more. 

For those of you who are asking about Emerald Seer III - Storm is the first speaker, she will have insight into Damarra and Roane's relationship, Sophia and Lucian will return (of course), Frederick/Baron the bartender will re-emerge. 

That's all I have for now, but the Emerald Seer Series is coming along and I plan to have a Q&A with Storm posted soon!