Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

New Years is a time of resolutions and reflection.I fall victim to such folly as much as anyone.

What will I change this year?

This one question quickly devolves into a mess as I break down what I want to change versus what I can reasonably change. It then takes me down a path of reflection that occasionally goes to bad places, those places I would rather let be. It becomes difficult to move forward when things from your past reach out to drag you down, to pull you back into an ugly place that you wish to escape. We've seen it time and again, Tony wants to leave the Jets, Michael Corleone hopes to legitimize the family business he never wanted a part of, Veronica Mars is oh-so-close to a life as a high powered attorney before being sucked back in to Neptune.

Okay, so all of these characters are fictional. But there are hundreds of thousands of examples in every day life. It is no wonder we see the same stories in our fiction. Some see it as addiction, some as inability to leave the comforts of the known, and some see it as others pulling us back to where they want us.

Maybe I'm oversimplifying some things and exaggerating others but in the end, this is what I think. These are the peculiarities that roll through my mind this time of year.

In the end, I look at what I want to change. My dream list of where I'd like to be by the end of the next year. I ignore the things that could pull me back, drag me down, or tempt me in another direction. I #postpositive as much as possible. That's how my year starts, in fighter's stance with a plan to attack and achieve those things on my dream list. I don't score on all of them, but if I make progress I am pleased.

So what are YOUR resolutions and do you think you can stick with them?