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It began with tragedy.

Continued with rebirth.

Intensified with an uncovered past.

How will it all end?

The wait is almost over!  
Storm Sullivan's epic journey comes to an end tomorrow with the release of 


I am thrilled to reveal the stunning new cover created by the brilliant and fabulously talented, 
Tammie Clarke Gibbs.

And, a teaser excerpt.....


Beep, Beep, Beep.

Storm groaned and rolled over, right into PacMan’s back.  “PacMan, you bad boy.”  She halfheartedly mumbled the reprimand and attempted to push his body to no avail.  “Fine.  Be that way.”  Slapping the snooze button to silence the alarm, Storm draped an arm over her dog and snuggled into the short soft fur, relishing the gentle rise and fall of his chest. 

Beep, Beep, Beep.

PacMan snorted and licked Storm’s face.  “Alright,alright, I’m getting up.  I don’t know why you’re so put out, you get to lay around in bed all day.”  Pushing off the bed, Storm reached down and flipped the alarm to off before breaking into a yawning stretch that was highlighted with a serious of soft cracks and pops as her spine realigned.   For a second, Storm swore she heard a baby crying and paused at its closeness.  She mentally chastised herself and shrugged.  Must be the neighbors.  The apartment walls were paper thin after all. 

Stepping into the shower, Storm stood for several minutes under the steaming hot water, washing away the grime from the day before and the vague discomfort following the vision she’d had.  The vision.  It was an ugly one and somewhat painful if truth be told.  She’d made the call to the precinct from her disposable cell and hoped they been able to nab the sicko in time.  Part of her wanted to call Dan and Shane to ask about it but then they would wonder how she knew.  Every time Storm had the same internal argument but ultimately did the right thing and waited for the news story.  She rinsed off and stepped out, wrapping herself in a worn bath towel.  PacMan sat in the doorway of the bathroom staring at her in his usual concerned way.  Storm called him a worry wart because he always appeared to be frowning in concern. 

“I think I talk to you too much, boy.”  Storm turned from her dog and wiped off the mirror.  A man’s face looked back at her.  She blinked, rubbed her eyes and wiped at the mirror again but only saw her own reflection.  “Yes, definitely.  I am losing it.”  Storm grumbled to herself and went about methodically combing the tangles from her hair before neatly plaiting it.  With the towel secured tightly around her body she slipped back into the bedroom and flipped the television on to the morning news.  Sifting through her wardrobe, Storm half listened to the weather and traffic.  By the time the main anchor re-took the screen she’d slipped into a pair of black pin-striped pants and her least ratty white lace camisole.  The story Storm had been waiting for came on just as she was slipping into her emerald green satin blouse.  

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Sample Saturday - Preview END OF THE NIGHT, Emerald Seer IV

The END is near!  The long anticipated conclusion to the EMERALD SEER series will be released this Wednesday, May 1st, and I have your sneak peek right here!!

This final installment includes an Emerald Seer short story and is the longest of all the Emerald Seer books.  To that END, I am unveiling the prologue.

Prologue – The tragedy of Morrigan
His hands roved over her bare flesh with such familiarity.  His lips found her neck sending shivers down her spine.  Long black hair fell in his face and hid his piercing eyes from her.  She brushed the hair away and stared into them, the swirling greenish-blue.  He was beautiful. 

 “Morrigan.”  His voice came out breathless followed by a guttural moan as she ran her nails up his back and over his shoulder blades.  She pressed into him with the length of her naked form wrapping a leg around his waist in an effort to pull him deeper.  They moved in rhythm as he pressed deeper, holding her hips and thrusting harder until she screamed his name.  He groaned deep in his chest and collapsed on top of her, tracing kisses along her jawline.   “You are divine.”  His whisper tickled her earlobe and she laughed lightly.  
Sliding out from beneath him, Morrigan pulled her robe from the floor and covered herself. 

A soft breeze rippled in through the cave’s only entrance.  Like many of their kin, Morrigan loved the cool recesses of this world’s caves.  There was much to be seen in their crevices and hidden pools while affording them protection and privacy.  Especially now that she had taken a lover.  Morrigan looked over her shoulder at her lover, one of the finest of her kind.  He loved her.  He chose her.

“We chose each other, Morrigan.”  His arms wrapped casually around her waist and he laid a head on her shoulder.  “What shall we do this day?  What realm shall we travel to?”

“Let us stay here.  I wish to watch the growing of the world.”  Morrigan sighed as she looked out through the entrance to the vast flatlands that would soon become so much more.

“I do not care to see this world any longer, Morrigan.  Let us go.”  He tugged at her playfully but his voice betrayed him.

“I am not leaving today.”  Morrigan turned to face her lover.  “I will not be leaving for several months.”
He looked at her, confusion etched in his features.  “But why?”

“I am with child.”  Morrigan grinned, waiting for her lover to mirror her own joy.  He did not.

“It is not possible.”  He backed away from her, his facing changing. 

“But it is.”  Morrigan’s heart sank.  “We are fortunate.  She will be born to this world with a purpose.”

“No.  It is not possible.”  He backpedaled to the entrance of the cave.  “I cannot have a child.  How could you do this to me?”

Morrigan frowned.  Tears burned at her eyes.  “What are you saying?”

“I am leaving.  Get rid of the child and I may return.  I cannot be a father.”  His eyes were cold, his tone cruel and he spun away from her to disappear into nothingness. 

Morrigan fell to the floor, the chill of the smooth stones seeping into her frame.  He was gone.  How would she choose?  Was there even a choice?

“There is always a choice.”  The voice emerged from the small, clear pool at the back of her cave.  It was followed by a tall, thin male with glowing sapphire eyes and shimmering, almost iridescent skin stretched taut over flawless bone structure.  “The Tuatha De have sent me forth with a proposition for you.”
Morrigan wiped at her eyes, “Yes, my lord.”

“We wish to alter your purpose, Morrigan.”  The male moved toward her and offered his hand to help her up.  “I am known as the Angel of Death to your people and I wish to tap you as my Priestess in this realm.  Your child shall be raised here and given a destiny to fulfill.  She will be instrumental in many things that must come to pass in this realm.  Do you accept?”

“What happens if I follow him instead?”  Morrigan thought she knew the answer but wanted to know for sure. 

“His choice has been made.   He allowed something in, something that gnaws away at his beauty from within, something that darkens his true purpose.   Either way he will go down a destructive road.  That cannot be helped now.”  A frown crept across the beautiful male’s face.  “If you follow him, your light will be extinguished as well as your child’s.”

“Then there really is no choice, is there?”  Morrigan sighed hopelessly. 

“There is always a choice.  It is just a matter of your desired outcome.”  The male looked toward the entrance of the cave, “He is returning.  I will return for your answer.”  Her visitor fell back into the shadows as her lover appeared at the mouth of the cave. 

“Morrigan?”  He was wet.  His long hair dripped as it hung against his still bare chest.  “I – I’m sorry.”  He walked toward her, hands outstretched and pulled her into his arms.  His chest was cold and wet as though he’d been in the rain.  “Please just come with me.  Let us forget about this for a while.”

“No.  I do not think so.”  Morrigan withdrew and met her lover’s eye, seeking the truth.  Was there really a darkness in him?  She stared into his eyes, the pools of turquoise and sea foam.  There it was.  In the center of his pupil Morrigan saw the small red dot whirling against the stillness.  The mark of true darkness.  She gasped and backed further away.

“Why do you recoil?”  He reached out to her again.

“You must leave.  I am having this child.”  Morrigan turned from him but did not get far.  His hands snaked out and grabbed her wrists.  He turned her to face him, eyes blazing with fury.  Before she could react, he dealt a staggering blow to her right cheek and threw her onto the bed. 

“You do not leave me.  Nobody leaves me.”  He appeared possessed.  The small red dot overtook his entire pupil and was multiplying as he beat her.  Everything went blurry and the last thing Morrigan saw was a pair of blood red eyes glaring at her.

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Author Spotlight: Sherry Parnell

Give a warm welcome to Sherry Parnell!  She's been kind enough to join us with one of her characters, Birddog Harlin, for a dual interview.  Please take some time to catch up with Sherry and look into her book, LET THE WILLOWS WEEP...

About the Book:

Where is the line between destruction and redemption?  What happens when one doesn’t know—do they fall or do they find their way?  

When the tenuous ties of her family break, Birddog Harlin is forced to choose a path which leads her away from those she loves, threatening to completely destroy her before she ultimately seeks her salvation.

Birddog is a willful and bitter woman whose husband, after years of suffering her emotional abuse, leaves suddenly one morning. She is left with her precocious and introverted young daughter who is devastated and angry, further deteriorating their already strained relationship. But during a seemingly insignificant moment with her daughter, Birddog privately recollects her own adolescence and the tragic events which drove her to make the choices that threaten to destroy not only her own life but also that of her daughter.  Memories of loss, love, and unbearable hurt flood her mind.  But as each moment recedes once more, Birddog realizes that although life is partially fated, it is her own choices that determine her true destiny. 

What is your inspiration? How do you get through writer's block?
I find my inspiration from the world around me, which can encompass anything from other’s journeys to a beautiful and intricate piece of art to the way the light streaks across the sky during an autumn evening.  Life is inspiration; one simply must seek to find it.
The means to working through writer's block is really dependent on the cause of the block.  I personally feel that most blocks are rooted in the pressure to be perfect and since perfection can't be attained the best way to overcome is to write.  Sometimes the very act of typing words can encourage them to flow more freely. 

Do you listen to music when you write? Have a completely silent space?
I listen to music but it can't be a random compilation; I must have a specific playlist of songs, which are fitting to the tone and feel of the story I am creating.  The genre of music must not only complement but also inspire the mood, characters and setting.  For my book, "Let the Willows Weep," I listened to a lot of folk and folk-rock such as Gordon Lightfoot and Cheryl Wheeler.

Who inspires you? What authors do you look up to? Why?
Who inspires me are people who are passionate and who believe in their craft regardless of the challenges and adversities faced.  There are many authors who I admire and appreciate but there are really none that I can say I "look up to." Instead, I try to emulate those attributes of several, which I find worthwhile.   

When did you first start writing? What genre do you prefer?
I have always written but I didn't start professionally until about twelve years ago.  I prefer literary fiction because I enjoy the detailed character development and beautiful prose often employed in this construct of writing.

If you had to choose another genre to write, what would it be? Why?
Historical fiction.  I am fascinated with the concept that all history is to some degree fiction since it is based on accounts from other people who have their own subjectivity, biases, and opinions.

Who is your favorite book or author? Why?
There are many writers who I admire and whose works I appreciate and enjoy such as Jane Austen, the Brontes, and Willa Cather to name a few.  However, I believe in choosing one singular author, I dismiss so many other great writers.  In regards to my favorite book, I have loved so many but if I were to name a few favorites they would be "Wuthering Heights," "Jane Eyre," and "The Sound and the Fury."

Do you have another job and if so what is it?
For most individuals being a writer dictates that one does have another job.  I am currently just focusing on writing but I have been a professor, tutor and a personal trainer

Tell me about your first book and how long it took you to write the first draft?
My book, "Let the Willows Weep" examines how hardship and loss affects the construct of a family and the ways in which the family members change when forced to face unimaginable situations.  The book explores the idea of life being either chosen or fated and how both our decisions and our destiny create the life we lead.  The first draft took a few years because I was also earning my masters degree in literature at the time so there were many starts and stops. 

List all of your titles with a one-sentence synopsis of each?
"Let the Willows Weep" is the story of how hardship, tragedy and loss affect a young girl and her decisions, which lead her to a dark place from where she must turn to seek redemption in order to avoid her own self-destruction.

Who is your favorite character? Why?
I believe most writers would agree that choosing a favorite character is like choosing a favorite child.  But preeminent among mine would be Samuel.  Samuel is a character who loves purely and lives with joy even though he has suffered the hatred and bitterness of others. 

Who is your least favorite character? Why?
Ms. Sprigg is my least favorite character because she is a schoolteacher who not only turns a blind eye but also contributes to the suffering of one of her young students.  She is judgmental and cruel when she should be approachable and kind.

Which character was most difficult to write?
Diggs was probably my most difficult character to write.  I had to carefully create an individual who was genuine not stereotyped.  I needed to write him in a manner, which would allow readers to love and feel for him not pity or disregard him.   

What scenes are most difficult to write?
For me, writing romantic scenes is difficult.

Do you see yourself in any of your characters?
They are, of course, my creation and therefore a part of me so I suppose there must be some of my traits attributable to each but, to me, they are still completely their own individuals with their own identities.

Indie pub or trad pub?
I actually started down the road with traditional publishing but then made the decision to self-publish based on my research regarding the changes in the field and my desire to control my own destiny.

What is your favorite scene? Why?
My favorite scene is in chapter 16.  It is when my protagonist, Birddog, is sitting with Samuel on riverbank flanked with weeping willow trees. 

Give a one-sentence summary.
Young and in love, Birddog and Samuel sit quietly on a riverbank beneath weeping willow trees as he explains that the river rises with the trees' tears, which they cried for others who couldn't.  Even though life has stolen much of Birddog and Samuel's idealism, they still believe that there is love and magic and hope in the world.

And now, an interview with Birddog Harlin, 

What is your full name?
My full name is Birddog Harlin.  Birddog is not my proper name, it's the name my older brother Denny gave to me because he always said that I was as small as a bird but could be as strong as a big dog.  So he thought this name fit me just right.

Where were you born/created?
I was born where we are all born into a life filled with joy and tragedy.  The town doesn't matter much because it's the living in the town that makes us each a little like everyone else. 

What would you say are your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?
My greatest strength is my ability to love beyond reasoning.  I can see beauty where there is ugliness.  I can see hope where there is desperation.  I can see love where there is hate.
My greatest weakness is allowing others to blind me to what I can see.

Who is your best friend?  And why?
My best friend is my older brother Denny.  Since the day I was born he has been my protector and my defender against a world that set a space to small for me to fit.

If you could be anything other than a daughter and a mother what would you be and why?
It is difficult to imagine another life when this one has left little room for imaginings. Being a daughter and a mother was my fate but if I had a wish it would be that my mother could have seen the good daughter I was and that my daughter could have seen the good mother that I wasn't.

What is your favorite book and why?
I don't have a favorite book instead I loved listening to my daddy and brother Denny's stories.  The details swam in my head and the emotions held onto my heart.  Their words and laughter is what wrapped around me on cold nights.  It never matter much that these words weren't bound and covered because good stories come in all sorts of ways.

If you could take a vacation anywhere where would you go?
Vacation is escape and I all I really ever wanted to do was return back to the life I had known and loved before every one else's fate overtook mine.

What do you think of your author?
She has not lived my life or experienced my tragedies but yet she seems to understand the pain of it all.  My emotions don't stay stunted with me; instead they spread across the pages allowing the reader to know what I know, understand what I understand and feel what I feel.  She is empathetic and she loves to tell stories--I am happy that she chose to tell mine.

If you were the first on "Let the Willow Weep" survivor, which character would win? Who would be voted off first?
I would win.  I might fall many times but I have the resilience and determination to stand up again.  My mother would be voted off first because living up to other's expectations, especially when they don't matter, makes a follower not a leader. 

Let The Willows Weep on Books a Million

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Sample Saturday Virtual Ebook Fair

It began with tragedy....
Continued with rebirth....
Intensified with an uncovered past....
It all ends May 1, 2013

 Stay tuned for the cover reveal, but in the meantime, enjoy this excerpt....

“Stop looking at me like that.”  Angeline hissed.  Dan didn’t even try to avert his eyes.  She fixed her face in a glare despite the pain it caused.
“Let me heal you all the way, Ang.  You need to be stronger if you are going to insist on helping.”  Dan frowned, the lines creasing his otherwise perfect skin.  Perfect.  Yes, Dan was perfect in every way, caring, thoughtful, loyal.  All of the things a woman would want and a Seraph to boot.  It suddenly occurred to Angeline that the entire reason she could not be with Dan was now a moot point.  Now that Olivia elevated to her role as a White Priestess, Angeline could fall in love without fear of repercussions for her sister.  That explained Dan’s over-eagerness to be at her side.  She didn’t have time for love or relationships at the moment and frankly neither did Dan.  The realization only served to make Angeline more angry and frustrated than she had been.  Shifting sent a jolt of pain down her leg and through her gut.
“Stop being stubborn, fairy.”  Shane sauntered up, smirking.  “Just let us heal you so my brother will stop fawning over you and focus on the task at hand.  Besides, what good are you with all those busted bones and bruises?”
Angeline growled.  Well, it sounded like a growl at least.  Arguing was taking its toll.  “Fair enough.  You can heal my bones but leave the bruises, I can function just fine with them.”
“Deal.” Shane knelt beside her and went to work on her leg while Dan ran his glowing hands along her rib cage, arm, and shoulder.  He started to touch her face but Angeline withdrew.
“I said, leave the bruises.”  It came out a touch harsher than she intended but Dan withdrew.  She regretted her tone almost as much as his injured withdrawal.  No, she could not think about the possibility of him now, not with so much left to do.  Angeline shoved the fluttering in her gut aside, ignored it and shifted her gaze to Shane instead.  “So, what do we do now?”
“We wait.”  Shane responded grimly.  He nodded toward Dan and backed away.  Angeline pursed her lips and shook her head but he crossed his arms and stared her down.
Angeline sat up, adjusted herself on the chaise and folded her own arms across her chest.  She looked around the study to avoid making eye contact with Dan.  She didn’t care what Shane thought, now was not the time to contemplate her feelings for Dan or his injured pride. 

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Blog Tour and Giveaway with the magnificent Michelle Muckley

As for the GIVEAWAY, there are TWO, yes TWO ways you can enter.

1. Go to and "like", comment, or a share blog tour related posts 


2. Visit and leave either a FB like or sign up for her newsletter.

Best part?  EVERYONE who comments/likes/shares/signs up to the newsletter will receive a FREE eBook and an entry for the two BIG prizes:

 - First prize: Signed paperback, including a surprise goody bag
 - Second prize: Signed paperback

Curious about Michelle's work?  Check out this awesome character interview!

What is your full name?
My name is Elizabeth Green.  I don’t have a middle name.

Where do you live?
 I live in a small fishing village by the sea, called Haven.  I have lived here for about four years now.  We renovated a cottage that stands up on a cliff top.  The view from here is spectacular, and you can see the whole bay and all of the quaint shops and artist studios from my garden. 

What would you say are your greatest strengths?  Weaknesses?
Well, people always said I was very strong minded.  Graham, my husband, he said that that was one of the reasons that he married me.  Lately, I haven’t felt so strong.  Not since we left the city.  It’s been a hard four years.

Who is your best friend and why?
I don’t really keep in touch with my friends in the city much.  I don’t go back very often, it’s too difficult, but I speak to them on the phone every now and then.  Their lives seem so chaotic and different to mine now, and it is hard to remember why I loved the busy city life so much.  Now I spend most of my free time alone, or with Nancy.  She is an artist and owns a gallery which overlooks the bay.  She is really nice, and we spend time together, but there are certain things that she doesn’t know. 
Graham is the person I am closest to.  He has been there through everything.  He has been a great support.  He didn’t even object when I told him that we had to leave the city.

If you could be anything other than a designer what would you be and why?
When I worked in the city I had a great job in a huge company and the prospects were really good.  I got promoted a couple of times, and ended up mainly applying myself to web design.  When we moved to Haven, it was fairly easy to start working from home, building other peoples websites.  Although I guess in some way I miss the drive of working in a big company.   I always thought it would be fairly exciting to be a safari photographer.  I would have missed my family too much, though.

If you could be any other character, who would you be and why?
I’d be Graham.  He always totally has it together. 

What is your favorite book and why?
I don’t read books.  I read the newspaper.  I love it.  I read it every week, and especially love the local press.  I like the announcement pages.  It reminds me of my childhood when my sister and I used to sit with our mum and eat jam sandwiches whilst leaving sticky marks all over the pictures  of bride and grooms.  Rebecca, that’s my sister, would always snatch it from me because she was the eldest and she could read better before me.   I miss those times.  I miss them both.  It’s really hard without them.

If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would you go?
That’s easy.  I’d go to the past.

What do you think of your author?
She’s quite thoughtful, but she seems to like making things harder for me.  I think she understands my problems, and my point of view.

If you were on Escaping Life Survivor, which character would win?  Who would be voted off first?
My first thought was that Barry would get voted off first, because he is kind of geeky and people wouldn’t think he would make good television.  But on second thoughts I think Helen would get voted off first.  She is actually really nice when you get to know her, but she comes across as a bit stuffy and snobby so I don’t think people would warm to her.  She would probably agree with me.
David and Graham would be in the final.  Davis is Helen’s husband.  He is a typical A-type personality.  He’s a lawyer, like Graham.  But Graham isn’t as competitive.  David is kind of a loveable idiot, but I know he would win.  Just don’t tell Graham I said that.

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Sample Saturday - a bit of END OF THE NIGHT

It's coming - VERY soon actually.  May 1st the Emerald Seer Series comes to an end with END OF THE NIGHT.  I hope you all are ready....but until then, here's just a sneak peek!

“You seem vexed.” 
Angeline whirled to find Jordan hiding in the shadows of the hall.  “What are you doing out here?”
“Tell me you were not the least bit annoyed by the Seraph’s repeated rambling?”  Jordan stepped into the light.  “Don’t answer that, I heard you.  Temper, temper.”
“So I guess you know how fun I can be when I’m annoyed then.”  Angeline retorted with as much ferocity as she could muster given the close proximity of the shifter.
“I suspect you are quite enjoyable when irritated.”  Jordan stepped closer so that they nearly touched.  “But then I think you are quite enjoyable all of the time.”
Angeline stepped back but Jordan moved forward.  “Stop that.”
“What?  Do I make you uncomfortable, fairy?” Jordan smirked, the cocky, smug look that he so often wore.
“You were not so bold in front of Damarra.”  Angeline enjoyed the flicker of fear that broke across Jordan’s face for a moment.
“Not many are bold in front of ancient Goddesses, including you.”  Jordan sized her up, staring deep into her eyes.  She felt his hand slide around her waist but couldn’t manage to move away.  He pulled her closer and she let him.  “I can be bold in front of you, Angeline.  I can make you feel things, give you the life you’ve denied yourself for so long.”
“I have obligations.”  Angeline breathed the words with so little conviction she didn’t believe them herself.
“This war will end, the Emerald will prevail, choose me now and we will move on together.”  Jordan leaned in, his lips nearly on hers when a throat cleared behind him.
“Sorry to interrupt, but you are sort of blocking the entrance to the kitchen.” 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Feature Author: Glenda Reynolds

Please welcome this week's feature author - Glenda Reynolds.  We have TWO special treats with her interview!  First, we are also joined by one of her characters who has agreed to answer some questions for us AND she her book, Goddess of the Moon: Mayan World of Vampires is free on Amazon today and tomorrow HERE.

Violet: What is your inspiration? What helps you get through writer's block?
Glenda: I find inspiration in the Bible, movies/TV series, and my music playlist. Usually if I’m stumped, a talk with a friend or my husband will spark ideas.

Violet: Do you listen to music when you write? Have a completely silent space?
Glenda: I do not listen to music while I write. I either like to sit against my headboard on the bed or sit and look out into my lush green backyard through the glass patio door while I write.

Violet: Who inspires you? What authors do you look up to? Why?
Glenda: Amanda Hocking and Stephenie Meyer inspire me. I look up to Stephenie Meyer because while she wrote some of the most popular paranormal romance books made into some fantastic movies, she incorporated her Christian beliefs into her writing: no sex before marriage, no bad language and no pornographic scenes. And yet her books still had plenty of romance in them and are accepted by a wide audience. Amanda Hocking also inspires me for the following reasons: her writing style is very basic and fluid; she made self-publishing look easy to do; she became successful even when people balked at her because she was self-published.

Violet: When did you first start writing? What genre do you prefer?
Glenda: I started writing in March 2010 just for fun at the office. I shared my writing with my coworker and her two young girls. I prefer the young adult genre.

Violet: If you had to choose another genre to write, what would it be? Why?
Glenda: It might be non-fiction / self-help. This is probably because I recently purchased a book from an author who talked about family estrangement. She mislead me into thinking that her book addressed that when in fact it was journal about her life: her midlife crisis, giving birth to 8 children, her misdiagnosis of being bipolar, her love of country music, and Bible scripture woven in. I would like to try to address family estrangement. Or I would like to do something like a devotional or an inspirational calendar, or combine both.

Violet: What is your favorite book (or who is your favorite author) and why?
Glenda: I have to say up front that I’m not a big reader; therefore, I don’t have a long list of authors. But Stephenie Meyer would have to top my list. Her writing style draws me in to where it is difficult to put her book down. It makes a love affair come to life inside of me. Her book Twilight, the first in the four book saga, is my favorite of them all. To me it has the most romance.  But my all time favorite book is the Bible for life. Love stories will fade away, but God’s word abides forever.

Violet: Do you have another job and if so what is it?
Glenda: I work at the home office of a Pizza Hut franchise for 15 stores. I work as an Administrative Assistance. That’s the title I usually tell people since I’m a receptionist / mail person / shipping person who sends the Pizza Huts office supplies when they need them. But I also order their food trucks (stuff to make pizza, pasta, beverages, wings) and analyze their paper work when it arrives at the office.

Violet: Tell about your first book and how long it took you to write the first draft?
Glenda: I’d say it took me a year and a half for the first draft since in the beginning it wasn’t a serious book project. My coworker urged me along in order to get fresh reading material. I had a fresh appreciation for the modern vampire after Twilight and the Vampire Diaries, especially with the Damon character. I wanted my character to have some kind of beginning, so I chose the Yucatan (since I love the lush green jungle) and to end up in old Florida. I chose the City of Coba since it has been largely unexcavated, and I liked the location. The story follows princess Melanna’s birth that is witnessed by a vampire named Tez. The queen makes Tez promise to protect her daughter before the queen dies. Wherever the princess is, Tez is always close by unnoticed until fate revealed him to her. Meanwhile a vampire queen named Zafrina has taken over the city of Coba and demands the ritual of human sacrifice. The king cowers and gives her what she wants, even if it means his own daughter. Melanna has to deal with an older sister who tries to have her killed. Melanna also discovers that she is the Prophesied One to lead Coba into battle against the vampires that have taken over. There are twists and turns; vampires that you love to hate; a plot that leaves you begging for more.

Violet: List all of your titles with a one sentence synopsis of each.
Goddess of the Moon: Mayan World of Vampires Vol. 1
A YA kick-butt paranormal romance with a Mayan princess, who overcomes many obstacles to free her city from a blood thirsty vampire coven, gets a drop dead gorgeous vampire boyfriend, reconciles with her father, and meets up with a healing angel, but not without paying a great price.

The Cursed Leviathan (unpublished/currently writing) Vol. 2
The story continues with Melanna searching for Tez; the vampire pirate Captain Jon Devon and his cursed love Desiree pillage the Caribbean; and the Dark One wars with the Florida natives.

Violet: Who is your favorite character? Why?
Glenda: My favorite character is Tez since he was inspired by the Puerto Rican actor / singer Chayanne. Tez is the best and the worst in all of us but seeks to find redemption and a place in this world. He is dark, gorgeous, witty, and profound.

Violet: Who is your least favorite character? Why?
Glenda: My least favorite character would have to be Melanna’s sister, Eleuia. One of my relatives was the inspiration for this character. You could say it was therapy.

Violet: Which character was most difficult to write?
Glenda: I might have to say that Zafrina was difficult to write. How do you get into the mind of pure evil? What drives her besides blood lust?

Violet: What scenes are most difficult to write?
Glenda: The fighting scenes were difficult. It’s like choreographing a fight scene for the big screen except on a smaller scale in my head.

Violet: Do you see yourself in any of your characters?
Glenda: I think I see a bit of me in Melanna as far as dealing with a dysfunctional family

Violet:  Indie pub or trad pub?
Glenda: Indie pub for now. I’d like to become traditionally published since a writer gets more recognition that way: big stores carry your books and the publisher does some advertizing for you.

Violet: What is your favorite scene? Why?
Glenda: I think that the honeymoon is my favorite scene because it contains a twist and some passion.

Violet: Give a one sentence summary.
Glenda: Melanna awaits her fate in the honeymoon suite, plotting to put an end to the man behind the mask, but she ends up surrendering to him body and soul.

Violet:  If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Glenda: Maybe Amanda Hocking to ask her what has driven her to write so many stories even before she became famous and for her to tell me any other secrets about the writing industry that I haven’t discovered yet.

Violet: If you could take the place of one of your characters, which one would you choose and why?
Glenda: I would probably choose Xoco, a warrior woman of Coba who has an ordinary boyfriend. She has real attitude and knows how to handle herself. At least there are no complications with vampirism when you have an ordinary boyfriend.

Violet: If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do?
Glenda: I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii. I would like to hula dance and maybe visit some beautiful gardens and parks there.

Violet: What is your favorite TV show/movie from your childhood?  What is it now?
Glenda: I loved watching Lost in Space when I was a kid. I use to fantasize that Dr. Robinson would make a good father to me (I grew up without my father). Today it’s between Dancing with The Stars and Vampire Diaries.

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AND  for the promised is an interview with Tez

What is your full name?
Tezcatli Uetzcayotl (Tez)

Where were you born/created?
The Northern Yucatan near Palenque. My immortal life began on my honeymoon when Zafrina and her Ancients decimated my village and murdered my bride. Zafrina was hoping that I’d be her companion. She made me drink from her and threw me over a high waterfall where my mortal life ended.

What would you say are your greatest strengths?  Weaknesses?
Strengths ~ power to affect plant life, compulsion, great muscular strength and speed, musically gifted on the flute, and the ability to call birds of prey with my cuff bracelet.
Weaknesses ~ I will burn up in the sun without my silver talisman

Who is your best friend and why?
Amoxtli, our priest of the Brotherhood of the Eagle, is my closest friend. He knows all about me and my history with the brotherhood.

If you could be anything other than Tez the vampire what would you be and why?
I would be Tez the mortal, father of many children, husband to a beautiful Mayan woman, farmer, and fisherman. I would live a fulfilling life, and when my time would come, my spirit will fly like the eagles.

If you could be any other character, who would you be and why?
I think I would make a better king Tetaneeka. I would like to think that I could be the kind of father to Melanna that she never had. She would’ve grown up knowing that she was loved instead of being cast off to be tended to by other people.  I would not have withheld my love from her because her mother died giving birth to her. Although I have always been there in the shadows watching over her, as her father I would’ve been there for her no matter what.

What is your favorite book and why?
“The Fall of Man and the Promise of the Great Spirit”. It’s a book that gives me hope and that prophesies about my beloved princess Melanna who becomes the Prophesied One who overthrows the reign of the vampire queen Zafrina.

If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would you go?
I think that I would enter the seventh heaven on a billowy cloud with Melanna and make passionate love with her until we are both spent.

What do you think of your author?
She calls herself the “accidental author”. For someone who never planned to be a writer, I say she does pretty good. I noticed that her style is very reserved, hence the honeymoon scene without the graphic detail. Although being a guy and a vampire, I don’t have a problem with such things, but I agree that “kid friendly” is a good thing. If anyone has a strong disagreement with me on this may find himself hanging from a tree in the garden with the words “Don’t mess with the author” written in blood on his chest.

If you were on Vampire Diaries Survivor, which character would win?  Who would be voted off first?
I think that Stephen would be voted off first. After all, I’m older and feed from sharks and jaguars. I am stronger when I feed from larger animals versus feeding from small humans. I think I would have a good chance to win, although Katerina is older than I am. But then she doesn’t possess any special gifts as a vampire. On the other hand the original vampires would be difficult to beat. But then they don’t have the Great Spirit to draw strength from or to be able to call on birds of prey to help.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sneakpeek Saturday

Only 99 cents for a limited time...

Ryder closed the musty tome and placed it upon the cherry table beside him.   The fire glowed against the ancient hearth of Durstine Manor’s vast library, his favorite room for more reasons than one.  A complex pattern of stone and grout, the fireplace ran floor to ceiling and covered more than half of the wall.  Opposite the fireplace stood ornately carved double-doors with heavy wrought iron handles and matching hinges.  He’d had them shipped over in pieces from Scotland, along with the sconces that lined each hall of the manor.  Aside from the doors and the hearth, the library walls were floor to ceiling shelves overflowing with tomes from every age of man.  Ryder had read them all, retained most of the information, and continued to seek more.  Unlike the majority of his brethren, Ryder understood that knowledge was the true power and any who could wield it would prosper.  As a result, he’d managed to do quite well for himself over the years.
Ryder tilted his head, footsteps echoed in the hallway, heels judging by the click.  They came to a stop just outside his door.  Reaching into his pocket, Ryder withdrew a small strip of leather and tied his shoulder-length, raven hair in a low ponytail.  He stood and straightened his light V-neck shirt, adjusted his belt and slipped his notebook beneath the book he’d been reading.
“Come in, Angeline.”
The heavy oak door slid open slowly followed by the polished assistant he had been forced to hire to replace Keene.  He refused to think about that now.  Besides, Ryder found Angeline to be adequate, and certainly easy on the eyes.  Her hair always upswept in a chignon, held in place with gold-plated chopsticks.  She most frequently wore a black skirt suit with satin or silk blouses of various colors.  Tonight however, she had selected a kimono dress, brilliant blue with embroidered dragons whose heads met at the most opportune place. 
“It is done, my liege.”  Angeline approached and handed him a blood red card the size of an invitation.  A smile played across her mouth.  “The Hunters seek Keene as we speak and the girl is being followed.  She has shown no signs of supernatural skill.”