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Guest post from Don A. Martinez

Please give Don a warm welcome and be sure to check out his books!

And without further ado, the post from Don......

Romance? Who the F**k has Time for That Now?
By Michika Salem (

If Mom and Dad knew I was writing this, they’d kick my ass so hard …

Anyway, today I was asked to write this entry about relationships. I think my title speaks for the general attitude around this place … we’re in the middle of a goddamn war here, who’s got time to hook up when people on all sides of you are trying to kill you? Though y’know, I’ve found around here at the Ranch that a lot of us found ways to make relationships work, despite the odds.

I think we can even go back further than this current crappy situation we’re in on this. Travel back in time with me, kiddies, while I explore a squicky topic for a lot of folks: parents dating! (Yuck!)

I think the best ones to start with are the ones I know best, my own parents. My dad Cyrus and mom Kitty, now there’s an odd couple if you ever saw one. Dad’s a nearly immortal wizard, he’s God knows how old, and on a good day he’s just over two and a half feet tall. Mom was a Navy SEAL, knows her way around more guns than I can even count, and at one point she was turned into every furry otaku’s wet dream, a cat girl. What do they have in common?


For starters they’re both supernaturals, and at least right now that’s the biggest no-no in the New Empire, punishable by persecution and death. Second, they have similar personalities. As much as Dad doesn’t want to admit it, he’s got a temper on him, and sometimes can overreact. Case in point, when his best friend was killed on a mission, Dad blew the assailant’s head off with a magic spell that also wrecked half of the room. Mom’s never been shy about her attitude and her temper; she and her best friend got into a fistfight aboard a submarine once. On top of that, they’re both career soldiers … at least Mom is, Dad’s been a soldier so many times in his life he’s lost track … they both play hellacious chess games, and are really loyal to their friends.

That was all present, even before they were a couple. They wound up on the same team, and now they’re married. I think it has to do with their personalities and their general liking of each other, and not other factors … the fact that Mom breast-fed Dad back to life once, for instance …

Sorry … just threw up in my mouth a little bit at that image. Let’s move on.

My best friend Alanna’s parents, they’re the stars of the story. I think if you looked up “storybook couple” in the dictionary, you’d see their picture, and it’s not just because her dad Cole’s a knight and her mom Ariel’s a dragon. See, you’d think that would create too much friction, and not of the sexy kind. Knights are always trying to kill dragons, after all, and they were no different their first time meeting.

Talk about a misunderstanding. Cole was testing paladin powers he didn’t know about for the first time, and Ariel was distraught because one of her best friends was just killed … and it happened to be Cole’s dad.

They had a couple of arguments, but I think the turning point came when he saved her life, stopping her from killing herself. Oh I should have mentioned that, she tended to be suicidal a lot, and he prevented her from dying once. Alanna is always telling me how her mom talks about her visions, how she knew her dad was the one she was destined to love, but I personally don’t buy it. I’ve never been one to take stock in that stuff, after all.

They went through lots of hell there. They both fought demons, right alongside Mom and Dad, and sometimes the demons did more damage than anyone should be expected to handle. Alanna’s dad nearly died once, trying to stop Armageddon. Literally. Yeah, he got stabbed by a demon knight, but it wound up being Ariel’s love that helped bring him back from the injury.

Now we’re at the present, at the New Empire era, and both of those couples, to my knowledge, are still fairly strong. Mom and Dad bicker from time to time, and even fight occasionally, but deep down they still love each other. Alanna’s parents are missing right now, but I think they still loved each other a lot.

There’s rumblings of sweetness around here now, too. Alanna’s been mooning over a dude that showed up here about a year ago, big Ojibwa guy by the name of William. (I call him Willie just because I know it annoys him!) How it’s possible I don’t know … the government’s trying to kill us every time we turn around, and folks in general hate all supernaturals’ guts, but somehow those two became a couple. When they’re together, they’re inseperable. It’s kinda cute in a way, I guess …

Crap, who am I kidding? Can I tell you something in confidence?

A short time before Willie showed up, we were joined by an honest-to-God prince, Fahaian. He’s cute, charming, cultured … really knows how to treat a lady … on top of that, I think he really likes me …

Uh oh, Mom’s coming. Sorry to cut this short!

(What? I wasn’t doing anything, Mom! You can put the rifle away now …)

Michika Salem, her father Cyrus, her mother Kitty, and family friend William White Bear post from their hiding place on Tumblr at the Hidden-In-Plain-Sight Ranch ( Follow the most recent exploits of their ally Alanna Sharpe in Infernal Eighteen, available in paperback and e-book formats at

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Got Pride?

Jill Sanders, author of FINDING PRIDE and DISCOVERING PRIDE, recently took time out of her extremely busy schedule to chat with us.  If you haven’t checked out her PRIDE series yet, what are you waiting for???

Megan Kimble was traveling a long way to find the next chapter in her
life, one that would not include her brother Matt. Losing him now was
tragic, even more so since she had finally freed herself from the
abuse and the shame of a bad marriage. She'd spent years hiding things
from Matt, so he wouldn't know about her horrible life. Keeping her
secret world of bruises, cuts, and broken bones, much like the one she
now sported with a large white cast.

Dealing with her loss was hard, but, now she was thinking of taking
over Matt's new business venture. This could be the fresh start she
needed, a new town, a new place to forget the pain and maybe she could
learn to trust again.

Todd Jordan was a successful businessman, who had once lost it all,
and now he'd just lost his best friend and business partner. But, then
she came into town broken and scared, and for the first time in a long
time he was looking forward to his future. Breaking down Megan's
barriers would take patience and strength, and he would need that
strength to keep what he loves safe.


Lacey Jordan was a woman who knew what she wanted… and she wanted
nothing to do with the new doctor in town. He had the perfect smile,
perfectly tan muscles and a way with people. Her people. This was her
town, her family, her life, and he’d come in and shaken everything up,
including her heart.

Aaron was running away from a hard breakup where more then just his
heart had been broken. At this point all he wanted to do was take over
his grandfather’s medical practice, and work on his new house, turning
it into the first place he could call home. He liked the town of
Pride, in fact he’d spent the only good parts of his childhood here.
What he hadn’t expected was to bump into a fairy goddess. Bumping hard
enough to get a concussion and have his heart mended at the same time.

Then, the town gets a visit that will change their lives forever, if
they can survive

And without further delay, my interview with the lovely Jill Sanders....

Violet:  What is your inspiration? What helps you get through writer's block?
Jill: Well, when I hit a wall, I don't stress about it. I take a few weeks off and enjoy reading other books. My inspirations are my kids and husband. I love telling them stories.
Violet: Do you listen to music when you write? Have a completely silent space?
Jill: Sometimes I listen to music. If I do, it's usually something from the 80's since I like to rock out. I don't really have a space to write right now. We are in the process of remodeling our house, much like Aaron was in my second book, Discovering Pride. So, any clean surface will do.
Violet: Who inspires you? What authors do you look up to? Why?
Jill: I think I've been inspired by anything I've ever read. My favorite to read has been Nora Roberts over the last couple years.
Violet: When did you first start writing? What genre do you prefer?
Jill: I started wanting to write young adult or romance books when I was a teenager. I actually wrote a “novel” with my twin sister and best friend. Then, in High School I had a few teachers that encouraged me to write descriptive stories. I started writing as an adult shortly after my mother passed away. I prefer romance right now, but I do have other ideas about fantasy or mystery. Who knows...
Violet: If you had to choose another genre to write, what would it be? Why?
Jill: Fantasy or mystery. I think my mom would have loved if I could end up like Agatha Christie.
Violet:  What is your favorite book (or who is your favorite author) and why?
Jill:  Gone with the Wind has been a favorite since I read it at fifteen. Rebecca was in second place.
Violet:  Do you have another job and if so what is it?
Jill:  I don't currently have a job. I'm a network engineer by trade and have worked for companies such as IBM, Gateway, EMC, and City and County of Denver to name a few.

Violet:  Tell about your first book and how long it took you to write the first draft?
Jill:   I started writing Finding Pride almost ten years ago. The first draft sat on my computer forever. I submitted it to get published, but hated having to print the whole thing out and mail it to everyone. Hello, we are in the electronic ages here... So, my twin sister told me to put it up online myself. 
Finding Pride is a heart warming story about Megan Kimble. After her divorce from a very abusive man, she moves to Pride, Oregon when her brother, Matt, dies. Deciding to try her hand at a new life in this small, tight-knit community, she takes over her brother's new business, a bed and breakfast, with the help of his best friend Todd Jordan. Todd, seeing Matt's sister arrive broken and bruised, feels it's not only his calling to see that she is taken care off, but the fact that he can't keep his mind off of her, makes him realize he's fallen in love.

Violet:  List all of your titles with a one sentence synopsis of each.
Jill:  Finding Pride tells the story of Todd and his determination to show Megan Kimble not all men are jerks.
Discovering Pride tells how Lacey shows Aaron Stevens, who is recovering from a crazy relationship, how to trust again.
Returning Pride is Iian's story of finally taking the big step and grabbing what he wants... Allison Adams.
Lasting Pride tells the story of close friend Ric Derby and his exciting adventure with Detective Roberta Stanton.  

Violet:  Who is your favorite character? Why?
Jill:  Well, my favorite female character is Lacey Jordan, because she was so much fun to write about. I know a few women that fit this character and I enjoy them all.
My favorite male character is Iian Jordan. He's a little harder to write about since he is deaf, but he is sexy as hell and I can't keep him out of my mind.

Violet: Who is your least favorite character? Why?
Jill:  I love all my characters. Even the bad ones.

Violet:  Which character was most difficult to write?
Jill:  I'm currently writing Iian and Allison's story in Returning Pride. This is particularly hard to write since Iian is deaf.

Violet:  What scenes are most difficult to write?
Jill:  The exciting scenes. I tend to want to type too fast and can't make my fingers work as fast as my brain. Which causes a lot of typos.

Violet: Do you see yourself in any of your characters?
Jill:  All of them.  There is a little bit of me in every single one. Even the bad ones. 

Violet: Indie pub or trad pub?
Jill:  Indie for now. I love the tight community of Indie authors I've been welcomed into. 

Violet:  What is your favorite scene? Why?
Jill: I love the scenes where the whole town of Pride come out to support someone. I grew up in a small town, and had a family like this. Everyone should get to enjoy the love that I show in these scenes.

Violet: Give a one sentence summary.
Jill: It was more a tradition then anything, that the town people seemed to come out in spades when one of their own was hurt.

Violet:   If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Jill: Hm. This is a hard question. I guess I would use this up on a chance to see my mother again. To tell her how much I love and appreciate her.

Violet:  If you could take the place of one of your characters, which one would you choose and why?
Jill: Probably Lacey, I like thinking I'm in control.

Violet:  If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do?
Jill: Bora Bora. Lay around and do nothing.

Violet: What is your favorite TV show/movie from your childhood?  What is it now?
Jill: Hogans Hero’s / Indiana Jones, Doctor Who / Indiana Jones

Thank you Jill!  For more on Jill and her series, stop by and


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Sunday Sneak Peek

A small bit from RYDER ON THE STORM....

Her bedroom looked exactly as she’d left it.  The heavy violet velvet curtains were parted and hung over wrought iron tie backs.  Sheers of various shades of purple still draped the matching wrought iron bed, the lilac satin bedspread half turned down to reveal silky silver sheets.  Yes, she had been in a romantic Goth phase before she’d left.  The walls were still plastered with her favorite posters, a shirtless Jim Morrison, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, several John Hughes movie posters, and a tour poster for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.   Her bookshelf still overflowed with Stephen King, Jane Austen, and Tolkien.  A well-worn copy of Catcher in the Rye lay half open on her nightstand.

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Rough Emerald Seer short - Sophia Bedeaux

I am working on a compilation of "deleted scenes" from the Emerald Seer Series to help with my writer's block with regard to End of the Night.

“Tide is out.”

Sophia continued to stare at the waves, gently lapping at her toes.

“You shouldn’t be out here barefoot this time of year, Sophia.”

The new arrival stepped forward and lined up her own feet with Sophia’s.  She could feel the woman’s warmth – and her power.  It rippled off the woman in waves, causing Sophia’s own gifts to spike in response.  Gooseflesh tore across her skin but not from the chill of the waves.

“Are you going to ignore me all day?”

Sophia turned her head slowly, taking in the warm smile and brilliant green eyes of her unwanted companion.  “Why did you come, Trin?”

“I saw you, luv.”  Trin Sullivan reached around her, blanketing her shoulders with a heavy quilt.  “I know what happened and I knew you would be here.”

“Of course you saw.”  Sophia spat at her friend.  “No rest for the wicked.”

“You are not wicked, Sophia.  Nor am I for that matter.”  Trin squeezed her lightly. Sophia fought the urge to crumple in her friends arms.

“Are you quite certain, Trin?  You know the evils of my line, the evils of my blood.  Perhaps it is my destiny to suffer for the entirety of my line.”  Sophia looked out over the waves, watching the sun rise over the edge of the ocean.

“How long are you going to pity yourself and blame your line?”  Trin dropped her arm from Sophia’s shoulder and nudged her with an elbow.

“Until I die.”  Sophia murmured quietly, the irony not lost on her.

“A bit melodramatic wouldn’t you say, luv?” Trin grabbed her by the shoulders and swung Sophia around to face her again.  The disapproval on her face was almost too much for Sophia to witness.

“I think I deserve to a little melodrama today.”  Sophia shrugged away from her friend and returned to staring at the sunrise.  “Why are you here, Trin?”

“I told you.  I saw what happened and I knew you would come here.”  Trin’s voice softened.  “You should not be alone, luv.  Not now.”

“I’m always alone, Trin.  Always have been, always will be.”  Sophia marveled at the crimson and gold glow on the horizon, inhaled the salty breeze and squished her toes in the sand.  She exhaled slowly and gave the explanation more to reinforce her decision than for Trin’s sake.  “I’m going to move here, along the coast.  I came to find the right place.  I’ll be going back to Seattle tomorrow to sell the rest of my inventory and most of my furniture.  I won’t need much –“

“No, I do not believe you will be doing any of that, luv.”  Trin took her hand lightly.  “I came to put you back on track, Sophia.  Let’s stay a few more days by the ocean and talk, perhaps things will look more differently when you hear what I have to say.”

“Doubtful.”  Sophia tried to sound convincing but a kernel of hope had been planted and she knew it.  Damn Trin Sullivan and her visions.  “What about my shop?”

“Oh, I have that covered too.”  Trin tugged at her hand.  “Let’s go have some breakfast, you need to keep your energy up.”

“Are you ever wrong?”  Sophia looked to her friend, curious.

Trin’s face darkened.  “Yes, Sophia, yes I am.”

“Are you wrong about me?”  Sophia shifted uneasily, half fearing the answer.

“No.  I am not wrong about you.  There is amazing strength in you, I’ve seen it.”  Trin looped her arm around Sophia’s waist and led her away from the edge of the ocean.

“I’m going to die, Trin.”  Sophia spoke the words she’d been so afraid of.

“Yes, luv, yes you will.  But I swear to you, it will not be the end for you.”  Trin spoke with such conviction that Sophia almost believed her.

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Sneakpeek Sunday

This is another small snippet from Ryder on the Storm ~ Emerald Seer I....

Storm looked at her mother, mascara dripping down her cheeks like a sad circus clown, wild desperation and sadness warring behind her eyes. Aunt Trin had spoken up at just the right moment, “Sophie, luv, it will be fine. You knew it was a better chance than not that our Storm would receive the Sight as well. She is taking it better than you. Why don’t you go put on some tea and I will figure out what she saw?” Mother had nodded obligingly before disappearing into the kitchen. Aunt Trin had turned to her, those lovely emerald eyes flashing with excitement, “She did not take that well did she, luv?”

Storm suppressed an eye roll and forced herself to shake her head instead. As always with her aunt, the words flowed easily. Without emotion she relayed what had played out in the vision and Aunt Trin listened in earnest. She reclined back against the arm of the sofa and folded her hands together, the enormous jeweled rings clicking like castanets. Aunt Trin and her mother looked so much alike, from their creamy, clear complexions to their wide emerald eyes, but Storm marveled at how opposite their personalities ended up. Storm sighed as her mother sobbed loudly in the kitchen - very loudly since the dining room and a hallway stood between them.

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When life gives you lemons....

There are many sayings to complete this statement, my favorite is probably "grab some liquor and salt for lemondrops." Not to advocate drinking oneself into a stupor but sometimes, a bit of alcohol and dull the pain enough to allow one to think clearly again. In actuality, I am not a fan of lemondrops after partaking of a few too many in my college days. I am a craft beer gal, myself but the saying remains the same. Life is full of "what ifs" and we all have them. Though I aspire to live in the moment and without regret I have not been as successful as I would like. There are many things I regret - things I have done and those I have not done - but in some ways they have fostered a part of who I am that feeds into my writing and adds a component to my dreams (both waking and sleeping) that I otherwise would not have. I take my regrets and turn them into something else, a sort of therapeutic intervention if you will. From some of my regrets characters and plot lines are formed, ways of rectifying things in the only way I can. This is not a new concept, I realize that, but it is something I am eager to spread to others, something I hope that others will adopt in an effort to live more positive lives. Sorrow and regret can eat at you until they warp you into somebody you no longer recognize. Nobody needs to live that type of life.

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Ryder noted on DVW...

Check out Ryder on the Storm and while you are at it, scope some of the other fabulous books on this site!

You're welcome!

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A look inside the macabre mind of Brian Bigelow!

Seriously, I have read some of his horror and my skin is still crawling!  Please take a few, read up on my friend, and grab his books!!

I’ve been busy writing a little collection of nightmares in “Macabre Moments” recently. More than one started out as an actual nightmare that woke me up in the middle of the night. Soon, I’ll be holding the print edition in my hot little hands. I can’t wait.


Together with Horror Bent I’ve written quite a wide gamut of stories recently. They go all the way from demon possessed crystals and zombies in Horror Bent to the stories that are a part of Macabre Moments. There’s a vicious little vampire girl, a wife who’s had far too much abuse, a demon possessed assassin and even an eerie story of dreaming a disturbing future (well, for the character anyways). I’ve even included a couple of rather creepy poems in “Macabre Moments,” they seemed to fit the set of stories well. I’ve written poetry for over 30 years, now I’m turning into Edgar Allen Poe revisited maybe.

Macabre Moments at Amazon: & Smashwords:


Horror Bent at Amazon: & Smashwords:


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Sneakpeak Sunday

Just a tidbit from Ryder on the Storm - Emerald Seer I....

“On second thought, I am not feeling too hot.  Maybe you boys could get me home?”  Storm feigned balance problems and put her arm around Dan’s waist, leaning into his warmth.  That did the trick; she felt his breath catch for a moment and then his arm around her in return.  They followed Shane as he weaved his way through people and random tables toward the door.  Storm didn’t see who Shane nearly collided with but she heard the apologies.  Her body reacted to the stranger’s voice, a blend of silk and iron, coaxing and offending at the same time.  She went rigid, that voice seemed familiar somehow. 

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Ryder on the Storm Giveaway

To push on with the countdown to End of the Night's release, I have decided to run a giveaway on Goodreads!  I am giving away FIVE paperback copies of RYDER ON THE STORM ~ EMERALD SEER I.  The contest ends March 9, 2013 (Happy Birthday Mom!) so get over there and put in your entries!!

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Allow me to present the incandescent Shelley Lieber

Shelley Lieber is an author with a split personality. As The Wordy Woman, publishing consultant, she wrote 4Ps to Publishing Success and Publishing Made Easy & Profitable for new and aspiring authors. Her wilder side writes erotic fiction under the pen name Elyse Grant. The Prince Charming Hoax is her debut novel. A third personality common to both Shelley and Elyse is Vegan Novelist, who blogs about vegan food and lifestyle.

Shelley is what native North Carolinians call a “halfback.” Originally from New York, she moved to Florida, then to North Carolina. Shelley now lives in Asheville, NC, with her husband, who is remarkably patient and skillful at adjusting to her personality switches.


THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX, a novel by Elyse Grant (aka Shelley Lieber), is the steamy hot and often funny story of best friends Leah Gold and Roxanne Stein, each trying to break free of the “happily ever after” fairy tale myth. Abandoned by her latest Prince Charming on the eve of what she expected to be the start of a new life, Leah begins an introspective journey through her past for answers. When she discovers what really stands between her and happiness, she sets off on a mission to help spare other women the pain of looking for love in all the wrong places—even though she knows her crusade may just be a battle that destroys her real prince. In contrast to the reclusive Leah, Roxie teeters on the edge of self-destruction as she tries to satisfy her unquenchable thirst for excitement. Drugs and sex don't diminish her cravings, and the man she falls for, while charming, is no prince. Once they team up on a crazy trip from their South Florida home to Philadelphia and New York, they stumble onto how to save themselves, each other, and perhaps womankind—a surprise to everyone, especially themselves.


Excerpt from The Prince Charming Hoax, a novel which falls into the categories of contemporary erotic romance, women’s literature, and boomer fiction.

Leah was in her office catching up on mail after returning from San Francisco and her first trip with Doug. The phone rang, and she picked up absently, noticing that she had missed her car payment while she was away.

“Leah Gold.”

“Hey, Leah! Where have you been? I called a few times. Did you get my messages?”

“Oh, hi, Jonathan. Yes, but I was away, and right now I’m up to my eyeballs in past-due bills and other fun mail. What’s up?”

“I had called to ask you if you wanted to go to the Las Olas Art Show last weekend, but too late for that. Lucky you, though, there’s a good festival going on in Delray next weekend. Want to come?”

“Hmm. Sounds good, but I’ll be working.” Leah hesitated. She wanted to be honest. “Jonathan, I’m seeing Doug again, so it’s not likely that I’ll be going on the circuit of art fairs with you this year. I’ll be traveling with Doug and probably will be away for most of the shows.”

“Doug? Was that the banker guy?”


“So, what’s this about traveling?”

Leah explained the situation to Jonathan, and because she was distracted with sorting her mail while talking, she let it slip that Doug was married and had a family. When she realized she revealed more than she intended, she stopped abruptly. “Listen, I better go now and get this stuff taken care of. I’ll call you back later.”

“Leah, wait. Let me tell you something first. That guy isn’t getting laid at home, and now he has some foxy babe willing to follow him around and fuck him every time he goes on a business trip. He’s never going to leave her.”

Leah gasped, surprised and insulted by his outburst.

“How dare you talk to me like that? Do you think I’m some sort of moron? You don’t understand. You’re just like my brother.” Leah’s shaking voice had escalated to a shriek by the end of her sentence.

“David said the same thing?” Jonathan demanded.

Leah breathed in slowly, sorry she blurted out too much again. “Not exactly. He said Doug would never leave his kids, and he wasn’t worth having if he did,” she admitted.

Jonathan softened his voice and his attitude. “Leee-ah, you know we’re only telling you these things because we care about you.”

“Well, you are both wrong. You don’t understand. Doug is different. He really loves me.”

“I guess we’ll see about that, won’t we? I’ll tell you what, Leah. You better take him for all he’s worth while this lasts. Because at the end, all you’re going to have are some nice photos of the trips you took and a bunch of expensive gifts.”

“You know, I’m sorry I told you about this at all. Let’s just keep our relationship professional for now. Call me if you have any clients that need copy writing and I’ll let you know if I need an illustrator. I’ll see you around, Jonathan.” Leah slammed down the phone.

“Of all the nerve! Jonathan doesn’t want to me to be with anyone else, but he didn’t want me enough to commit himself, either. You can’t have it both ways, asshole,” Leah yelled at the phone.

But it shook her faith in her decision to have the people she respected tell her she was making a mistake. And it bothered her that she lied to her daughter—well, not exactly lied, but stretched the truth. She told Ali that Doug and his wife were separated and in the process of getting a divorce. A matter of semantics, she reasoned. They did live in separate rooms, and they were getting a divorce—even if Amanda didn’t know it yet.

Leah had a sudden unsettling flash. What if she were the one who was going to get dumped, but didn’t know it? No, she shook her head. She and Doug were meant to be together. He was so good for her. Her writing was flourishing, and she already had the outline for her book proposal done.

Leah smiled and started to reread Doug’s emails, which were filled with love and “impure” thoughts, as he called them. She kept their written exchanges private, but she knew if her brother or her friends could read Doug’s letters, they would understand.

They couldn’t see how he looked at her or know how he made her feel. “They are wrong, all of them. I know him and they don’t. And one day they will see that I am right.”

Leah pushed aside the feeling that her words sounded empty, even to herself.




Sneak Peek Sundays!!

Maybe you noticed the cute little link for Sneak Peek Sunday?  Yep, I'm participating and it's an awesome way for YOU to get a look into the minds of several authors with little snippets from works we've done.  Keep coming back as I am working on a little giveaway that will pop up on a random Sunday....


2008 – Lucian
Why anybody loved the dampness of downtown Seattle escaped him.  It reminded him too much of his time in London.  The people smelled just as foul now as then, homeless bums and meth heads milling about begging for money, polluting downtown with their utter disregard for life, especially their own.  Strange how you could walk a few miles in any direction and find an entirely different population of people and certain neighborhoods fared better than others at holding the riff raff at bay.  Walk a few more miles and you could find water or mountain with plenty of beauty to steal even the hardest man’s affections.  Still, he sought the witch Sophia and this is where she lived.  Lucian followed her for weeks, watching her actions and reactions, wondering if she practiced as her ancestor had.   More often than not, Lucian wondered if she practiced magic anymore at all.  Each day it seemed less and less likely.