Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's almost here!

National Novel Writing Month is quickly becoming one of my very favorite months of the year.  NaNoWriMo inspires me to push through the hard parts of writing, challenge myself and focus on my work in progress rather than jotting down a variety of new story ideas.  I need that sometimes.  Okay, I need it a lot of the time.  I have been laying off the heavy writing for the last week or so and focused on short projects like my current participation in a little writing - re-writing? - contest where I get one page of a nineteenth century vampire story to rewrite.  Page 111 to be exact.  I have a few different versions and am re-reading the book once more to prepare me for my final decision on which one to enter.  Not only has it been a refreshing break, this particular exercise has been a different type of challenge with very few rules which has allowed me to push the envelope - something I am rather fond of doing!

I am quite excited this year to have some amazing groups to participate with and a rocking awesome Nano-buddy (Hi Kate!!).  NaNoWriMo will also mark the end of an era - my first series - as the Emerald Seer Series comes to a close with End of the Night.  Though I have enough material and ideas to put something else together for the series I do not have any intentions of doing that now as I embark on some other projects. 

Next month should be REALLY busy but I am driven and I WILL "win" NaNoWriMo this year. 

In the mean time, I hope you are all pulling together some costumes for my 2nd favorite holiday!!  Halloween is the best time of year for paranormal/fantasy lovers!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Meet the Author! Tomorrow at Beehive Books

I am very excited to head into downtown Delaware tomorrow where Beehive Books is hosting a Meet the Author for me. It should be a great time and a fabulous way to kick off the weekend before my second favorite holiday - Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Patience is not one of my virtues ... but I'm working on it

I try really hard.  I mean, REALLY HARD.  I have never been a patient person and I have known that for many years now which has allowed me some level of personal growth and improvement in this particular area - I think.  Now, I have never entered this publishing world with delusions of grandeur, never thought my books would leap off the shelves and I would have people clambering over each other to get a copy of my amazing novel.  I have dreamed about making enough money to buy a nice house and live where I want to and travel when the desire strikes me.  Admittedly, I have imagined my works being made into a movie or TV show - come on, who hasn't?  When I write a novel my characters tend to act the entire book out in my head so why not make the leap to envisioning more?  Still, in all of these daydreams I never considered instantaneous fame, I can say that quite honestly.  I digress.  The whole point of this post is an affirmation for all other writers out there who are feeling down because they have no sales, wondering if they made the right choice by leaping into publication, or just plain wonder if anybody cares about their work half as much as they do.  We have ALL felt that way.  You don't have to take my word for it.  I have researched it and there are hundreds of entries on hundreds of blogs and interviews and so on where authors who have "made it" talk about their early days and all of their rejections and so on.  Are we all going to "make it?"  Nope.  Statistically that just is not possible, of course.  Can we all find some successes, no matter how small, to bolster our self esteem and reaffirm our decision to publish a piece of ourselves for the world to see?  YES.  Absolutely, positively yes. 

Patience.  It all comes back to patience.  Writing, like every other craft, takes time and practice and determination.  Above all, it takes patience.  We keep plucking away and putting pieces out because we as writers have things to say, ideas to share and nothing, nobody can bottle them up.  So keep plugging away at your work in progress, keep editing the drafts on your shelves, keep taking the feedback you receive and polishing your work until YOU are satisified with it and then wait.  Wait for that one person or ten people or a thousand people who read your work and relate to it.  Somebody out there will and that is all it takes.   

Perhaps I am nostalgic as I approach the one year anniversary of my first published novel.  Perhaps it is just self affirmation to remain patient with everything (and everyone including myself).  Perhaps it is just because I have read a lot of posts from frustrated writers lately.  Does it matter? 

Take what you will from what I wrote and leave the rest at the door.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Whiskey, Mystics, and Men available in paperback

Finally! Looks to be all set, the bonus edition/novella is now a paperback! To keep the price of the book down, I have opted not to enroll it in extended distribution so it will not be carried at B&N or any other bookstores (just Ammy and my storefront).

I have been wondering about the benefits of paperback and biproxy extended distribution options. It doesn't seem particularly cost effective to do paperbacks at this point asthey are not big sellers online and even with extended distribution the print on demand books are not carried in actual bookstores unless a small independent store is willing to carry it. Bottom line - that sucks!

On the other hand, holding MY book in my hot little hands is a pretty amazing feeling....hmmmm....I suppose it is worth it for that feeling alone. I've always loved the smell and feel of a real book.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Seasonal Pop Tarts, Halloween, and my love of fantasy

So, not a horribly original title but I feel the need to blog today and I have little to say at the moment beyond the awesome Pop Tart I just devoured, Halloween and all that goes with it, and of course, my intense fondness of fantasy that rears its head every time I flip through the movie channels and see Lord of the Rings is showing (and I really don't care which one though I am partial to Fellowship and Return of the King over Two Towers).

First off, the Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts warrant an acknowledgment because I found the one I had to be quite enjoyable.  The nice crisp "crust" with the scrumptious pumpkin-pie like filling was a nice treat on this dreary afternoon.  I was meandering through the grocery store picking up those odds and ends we needed when I saw this display filled with seasonal Pop Tarts and I simply could NOT pass up the box marked Pumpkin Pie.  To say I am glad I made the lapse in my normally well thought out diet is an understatement because this little excursion from the norm was truly worth it.  Just the right combo of sweet and spicy I found myself pleasantly satisfied all around.  And yes, I acknowledge that this was a pointless blurb about a less than healthy snack but goodness it was good and I could have done far worse!  I strongly suggest you run out and try a box sooner than later!

This brings me to Halloween.  I  may have mentioned it before and if I have, pardon the repeat, but I adore Halloween.  I love the decorations, the costumes, the candy, and the haunted houses.  I love fall with all of its amazing smells and colors but Halloween is exceptionally fun and in my mind the highlight of the season (with the exception of football because, let's face it, football is the reason for the season!).  My kiddos are struck with that ever impossible task of deciding on a Halloween costume.  Yesterday my daughter landed on her final choice and I am slightly tickled - Hermione Granger.  She is very concerned about having the wand and making her hair look just right and I have to say that it pleases me greatly to see her so invested.  Ryan is not quite as excited about costuming so I am grateful that my kiddos took after me and got the dress-up gene!  My son is still whittling away the choices but I suspect he will end on something Star Wars related as he desperately wants the family to dress up as Anakin Skywalker (Ryan), Padme Amidala (Me), Leia (my daughter), and Luke Skywalker (him).  My daughter about broke his little heart when she insisted on being Hermione but I think I put an end to that war - thankfully.  We will have to save the "Mommy and Daddy are not dressing up this year" discussion for later.  Then again, perhaps I will throw something together just for the fun of dressing up.  No, it won't be my usual outlandish and extravagant costume but how can I allow my second favorite holiday to come and go without any pomp and circumstance on my part? I can't.  I really think a small part of me may shrivel up if I don't dress up...hmmmm.....

Finally, fantasy.  I love it.  The whole idea of another world with different rules and full of magics and unusual creatures.  I am sitting here watching Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King for about the thousandth time (not kidding) and even though I know exactly what's going to happen and what parts of the movie I take exception with, I still enjoy it immensely.  I prefer to read the books, naturally, but having the movie going in the background while I write/edit/promote is soothing and somehow keeps me motivated through the not so fun parts (writer's block for example).  It helps my mind roll around the hard stuff, the sad stuff, and so on.  Though the Emerald Seer Series started out as a romance (paranormal as it were) I re-read it and find that it is much heavier on the fantasy with some romantic undertones and the occasional steamy scene.  No matter how I try I simply cannot shake my true love of fantasy fiction.  The worlds I can create in my head are more fun and make for the best vacations from the mundane errands and yawner jobs that occupy a good chunk of my time.  Fantasy worlds are built on very real principles but I love that I can bend them anyway I want.  I worry for those who can't get lost somewhere in a fantasy world - film or book - because they are truly missing out.

Speaking of fantasy - pick up a good book today, get out of this world and dive into another one, even if it is just for a bit.