Friday, February 24, 2012

Whiskey, Mystics and Men

My first short/novella for the Emerald Seer series is about a 1/3 of the way done.  I got caught up for a bit with tone/direction simply because it is my first go at using one point of view for the entire piece.  There will be a good deal of background given on Angeline, of course but Whiskey, Mystics and Men will provide some connections between some of the characters. I intend to have it completed, edited, and with a cover by the end of March.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The love story in End of the Night

So, End of the Night is going to give a whole lot of backstory.  This will be the most involved of the series as I bring in some of the mythology of the world via Roane and Damarra's story.  I am really excited to do this book as it allows me to tie in my passion - fantasy fiction - while showing a softer side to offset the battles about to be waged.  I do not believe it will be read for a Spring release as I first anticipated but I am shooting for Summer 2012 now.  After several setbacks in my personal life I just could not put the time into End of the Night that it requires.  I am still working hard and I know where it is going but the complexity is such that I cannot justify rushing the story. 

That said, Whiskey, Mystics and Men is coming along and will be a novella telling Angeline's story.  I think it is actually a good way for me to go as Angeline has a much larger part in End of the Night and having some back story on her will be helpful.   I hope to have Whiskey, Mystics and Men out by mid April at the latest.  I will try to post a snippet or two on here as I go.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Possibly coming out of it?

Wow, this cold/flu/virus thing has been EVIL.  However, I think I may be coming out the other side of it - finally.  I managed to do some writing today and intend to do some more as soon as my kiddo decides to truly go to sleep.  I am in between my short story (Whiskey, Mystics and Men) and the third installment of the Emerald Seer Series (End of the Night) though I really want to work on Estelan because it is calling to me.  I still want to do another once over of Light My Fire now that I have the paperback in my hands but my good friend, Dave Holtz, is still working that cover so I have a little time before I have to take that one live.  A self-pubbed writer's work is never done but I am grateful for the opportunities presented by this endeavor.  Someday I hope to subsidize a much less stressful (hopefully part time) day job with my writing but I feel it is likely a long way off. That is okay.  I am not a quitter and I have a lot of stories to tell.  I am not sure how long Storm's tale will go but I have many other ideas. 

I just want to take a moment to say farewell to the fair Whitney Houston who made me "wanna dance with somebody" more than once in my adolescence. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So, it just keeps getting worse!

So, I bought an awesome used car in September (the 9th to be exact) and was thrilled!  I walked out every day and saw my lil blue VW Beetle (convertible!!) and it made me happy.  Since I was five or so Beetles have been an obsession for me (my college graduation gift was a 1973 VW Super Beetle that my Dad rebuilt for me!) so having a new Beetle to cruise around in was just right - especially here in the Pacific Northwest where you can have the top down in February (I have heated seats and it is almost 60 degrees).  But, no, not me, not my lovely Beetle.  The transmission is blown and needs to be replaced.  I do not have the money on a whim to replace it (the transmission alone will run upwards of $3000) so, I will be renting a car and watching my Beetle just sit for now.  I am also trying to transition back to Ohio for family reasons (I will miss the Pacific Northwest so much that I am speechless on the subject so please do not ask).  Not good timing.  And, all this with a raging head cold that refuses to let up!  Anywho, I do not see End of the Night being ready for Spring as I'd hoped so I sincerely apologize but life has thrown me a few too many extra balls to juggle right now and I have had to prioritize.  Someday writing will be higher in the list - I KNOW it.  I am hoping to get my short story done though, so hopefully that will tide some people over.

PS I am not complaining, life is good, always will be because I have the best kids in the world and some amazingly supportive family and friends!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Still Slacking

This cold is evil.  Honestly, it will not go away and just when I think it is getting better the wretched thing wipes me out.  I tried to work on End of the Night but my head is so foggy it was slow going - much slower than usual unfortunately.  I have been such a slug because of this thing that I wonder if it will be possible to be ready for my Spring deadline.  I do not want to rush this installment because a lot is going to happen, histories will be flushed out, and I get to write from Damarra's perspective (which I have been dying to do) which takes a little more time to get right.  So, to make amends for my unexpected slow down, I am including a few little teasers/spoilers for those interested.

*Damarra and Roane's tale will be told and believe me when I say their love story will take longer to evolve into intimacy.

*Dan and Shane will return and bring a few friends along

*While the majority of chapters will be done from Storm's, Damarra's or Roane's POV there will be some interjections from other characters to add another dimension to the story. 

*This installment is shaping up to be significantly longer than the other two.

*Potential titles for Emerald Seer IV - Wild Child, In the Midnight Hour, Love Her Madly, Wishful Sinful, Touch Me, Break on Through

*I am outlining a short story titled Whiskey, Mystics and Men but I cannot divulge anymore at this time!!

That's all I have for now, going to hit the sack early and try to force this demonic cold out of my body!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Okay, so I have an excuse, really.  I have been uber-sick (fever, gross congestion, the whole bit) and so has my daughter.  Fortunately she is better but unfortunately I am still struggling with it.  The good?  I am forced to take on extra sleep.  The bad?  I have not been writing.  By the time I have peace and quiet at night I am far too wiped (and the cough is not helping) to sit down and put anything worthwhile together.  I would rather hold off, regroup, and write something of quality instead of feverish drivel.  At least I post an excerpt from End of the Night :)

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